What is Eco-Conscious


ARTICLE ONE's mission is to bring considered and eco-conscious items to all that are too good you'll want to wear and keep them forever.


We are focused on being more eco-conscious and sustainably aware. It is at the core of everything we do - although we are small - we have big ideas and plans and cant wait to share them with you.
We have four main pillars of focus:
Planet, People, Product & Progress.


ARTICLE ONE's environmental footprint is dictated by the fabrics we choose, suppliers we partner with, our supply chain and many more factors.
We love and want to protect our planet so we keep our environmental impact in mind when we make design and business decisions right down to our labels.


ARTICLE ONE cares about everyone who contributes to the process of our items behind the scene - regardless of where they are in the world. We have long standing relationships with our suppliers and take pride in there partnerships in creating the highest standard of product. We believe in improving the lives of all people throughout our supply chain.


How and where we make our product matters. We focus on areas like certifications, traceability, fibre standards, clean chemistry to ensure we reduce the environmental and social impacts of our items and what we produce. Each items is considered right down to the stitching in order to provide you the best item you will want to wear forever and never want to part with.


We are far from perfect but we want to ensure that when creating new product that we are always thinking of how to better our fabrics, design and production for the future. We aim to always do better with every item we create from now and well into the future.